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Tesla Motors appeals sales ban in New Jersey

Resistance to the way Tesla Motors sells its cars - directly to the consumer, with no negotiating and no dealer middleman - comes mostly from dealership organizations around the country. It's also illegal in some states, thanks to laws ushered into place with help from dealers. The reaction to Tesla's new style of business is led by what Steve Blank calls, "rent seekers" or "la

Saab to appeal court decision on Monday

Yesterday, Saab announced that its request for government protection was denied by a Swedish court, citing that the court feels that the automaker's proposal for a voluntary reorganization would not work. Furthermore, it is unclear to the court whether or not the proposed Steven J. Ewing

Toyota loses hybrid patent appeal case

Toyota finally seems to be out of options now that the U.S. Supreme Court has allowed a lower court's ruling to stand which will award Paice LLC roughly $4.3 million in an hybrid technology lawsuit. That amount works out to $25 for every vehicle that Toyota has sold which uses the Hybrid Synergy

FIA rejects McLaren appeal, confirms Raikkonen's title

Kimi Raikkonen and the boys at Ferrari can breathe a sigh of relief, as their championship has been formally confirmed by the FIA. The title was appealed by the incredibly sore losers at McLaren, who insisted that because of a temperature irregularity in the fuel in BMW's a