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Nowhere in the picture above do we see an easy place to charge an electric car, do we? The challenge of powering up plug-in vehicle in a densely populated urban environment is something that has been an issue in the EV scene for a while (and something we've covered a lot in the past), and it is most certainly a worthwhile topic for our Countdown to Earth Day series for new readers.

What realistic electric vehicle recharging options are there for apartment dwellers?

One of the challenges to making electric vehicles (EVs) "work" in the real world is figuring out how, where and when to recharge them. If you have a garage, then those questions kind of answer themsleves. You come home, take 15 seconds to plug the car into the wall and undo the plug in the morning with a full charge. One previous Greenlings looked at EV charging basics and another Greenlings explained some of the options for home recharging. We recommend reading through those pieces as a primer