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Earlier this year, the EPA criticized ethanol because it has a negative environmental balance of lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions when compared to gasoline obtained from crude oil (read their report here). As there's rarely an attack without pushback, the Renewable Fuels Association has decided to interpret that report from their point of view and has found that certain sources of oil do indeed have a worse negative impact than corn ethanol. That is, when lighter and more easily refined crude

Not that long ago, a lot of gas station owners thought having ethanol in your gasoline was the "cool" thing to do (examples here and here, and there are now over 1,900 E85 stations in the US). One gas station in Albany, NY, though, is advertising its gasoline as "ethanol-free." Why? Bob Haines, who works at the Rhaodes' Service Center, told the local Fox staion that it's because, "Small engines can't cope with ethanol." It's winter time and some gasoline-powered snow blowers get can be damaged b

If you belong to the group that thinks that we shouldn't use food as fuel, you might be interested in this. The "Food Before Fuel" group, a partnership of more than 20 environmental, retail, hunger, Hispanic and food industry groups that has launched a campaign to encourage Congress to rethink the U. S. food-to-fuel policies. According to their sources, these policies are responsible to up to 30 percent of the world's food price inflation.

Brazil is going to try really hard to convince the world that Brazilian sugarcane ethanol is just great. The Latin American giant is about to start what they're calling a "diplomatic offensive" that will culminate in a World Biofuels Summit from November 17th to 21th in São Paulo.

In at least 14 of the States of the Union, ethanol plants are facing all kind of challenges for their installation. Problems such as NIMBYism (Not In My Back Yard), zoning board decisions, economic benefit questions, industry distrust, environmental concerns and water use issues. Opponents are also going to court for any number of reasons. This makes the process long and difficult, and adds litigation costs.