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Since there was such a big response to my update on Andrew Angellotti the other day, I think that even more news on what this Michigan teen has been up to in the home electric vehicle conversion front would be in order. According to a story in the Flint Journal, Andrew has put around 2,500 miles on the batteries and electric motor. Also, and this is the real reason I wanted to update the tale, he does have a small 12-volt heater in the cab for winter driving. As for his next project, converting

High school student Andrew Angellotti contacted AutoblogGreen last fall to tell us about his 1988 Mazda B2200 pickup truck that he converted into an electric vehicle, taking nine months to learn how to do it and getting seriously DIY on the project. Our friend at Michigan Public Radio, Dustin Dwyer, was able to spend some with with Angellotti and an update on the teen and his truck was broadcast this week.