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At the Alt Car Expo last December, I listened to Angelina Galiteva discuss the difference between feed-in tariffs (FITs) and renewable portfolio standards (RPS). Gailteva, who works with the World Council on Renewable Energy, said she strongly favors feed-in tariffs as a way to boost renewable energy production and use (you can go back and read why, if you're interested). Miguel Mendonca, of the World Future Council, writes in a post at Renewable Energy Access, that he, too, believes FITs (som

Angelina Galiteva, listed in the Alt Car Expo program as an "energy expert," gave a talk titled "Strategies for the Successful Integration of Renewable Energy Sources into the Power Grid" last Saturday in Santa Monica. She said there are two main ways that governments fund renewable energy sources: either using RPS or Feed-in tariffs, and the fighters for each side are waging an epic struggle for their method to come out on top. The basic difference between the two is that feed in tariffs spec