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AltCar 2008: Let's get ready to alt-energy rummmble! (yawn)

Dr. Andy Frank, the "godfather" of the plug-in hybrid

AltCar 2008: AMPLE taking orders for $29,999 PHEV truck, two other plug-in hybrids

The headline above is what we call a "bait & switch," and it recreates the feeling I got when I approached the AMPLE Motion booth at the AltCar Expo. AMPLE, a new company incorporated on Earth Day this year, is trying an unusual strategy to get the word out about its plug-in hybrid vehicles that are scheduled to arrive in 2010: super deep pre-order discounts. While the company's 2010 R300 plug-in truck will normally cost $75,000, the first thirty people to pre-order will be on the hook for o

Alt Car 2007: Plug-in hybrids with godfather Dr. Andy Frank

If you've never heard Dr. Andy Frank, from UC Davis, speak about plug-in hybrids, you're in for a treat. Frank, who has been featured on AutoblogGreen quite a few times (highlights include an interview on UC Davis' Team Fate in the Auto X Prize and talking about kicking the