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If you think the domination of Brawn GP has shaken things up in Formula One, that's nothing compared to what could be in store for the F1 grid in the next year or two. While the FIA toys with budget caps and all manner of new regulations, several prospective teams are lining up at the potential of entering the field at a reduced cost. Following earlier reports that Lola, Aston Martin and several current GP2 teams are toying with the idea of jumping into top-tier grand prix racing, Bernie Ecclest

XM Radio will have an announcement today at SEMA regarding a new radio show with Andretti Green racing. While at an XM function last night I asked team owner Kim Green (in the black shirt) about early testing with the new Honda IRL engine. As you may know, the Indy Racing League is switching to pure ethanol for the 2007 racing season. Honda, which is the only engine supplier, had to increase the displacement from 3.0 to 3.5 liters to make up for the lost horsepower (ethanol packs less energy tha