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The Andersons, Inc. and Marathon announced Thursday they will soon start building an ethanol plant in Greenville, Ohio. The two companies announced in mid-October they would work together to make ethanol but didn't say where. The Greenville plant will be able to produce 110 million gallons of ethanol a year, along with 350,000 tons of distillers dried grain, which is used in animal feed. The two companies received all necessary permits and zoning changes, and some tax abatements, this fall. In r

Marathon Oil, no stranger to the biofuels market, is partnering up with The Andersons, Inc. to build ethanol plants (well, at least one). Marathon wants to be able to "maintain the reliability of future ethanol supplies" and The Andersons, which will actually run the plant, gets a market for some of its product and access to Marathon's money and clout. Where this new plant will be built has not been decided, but your typical biofuel plant considerations are coming into play, namely infrastructur