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Aside from AIG, not many companies are having parties these days. One exception is Oakland, CA-based Amyris Biotechnologies. Amyris just held a modest party at its headquarters to celebrate the completion of a pilot plant to produce biofuel. Amyris has developed genetically-engineered yeasts that can break down cellulose and transform it into other products. The pilot plant has a capacity of 2.4 million gallons of renewable diesel annually. Amyris claims its synthetic diesel is closer in composi

What if we could speed up the process of making petroleum for use in our automobiles? Even better: what if we could just produce all of the hydrocarbons we need when we need them? Would we then have "renewable petroleum"? That is what a company known as LS9 is working on. They are "coaxing bacteria into producing hydrocarbons that could be processed into fuels like those made from petroleum." How? It seems that they are genetically engineering bacteria such as E. coli to make hydrocarbon chains.