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GT-R tuning update: Amuse breaks 600 hp, tranny woes at MCR

With all the news surrounding the Nissan GT-R V-Spec, the progress on the Godzilla tuning front has been largely overlooked. According to a recent article in Japan's BestCar magazine, the Amuse team has

Tokyo Auto Salon 2008: Nissan GT-Rs gone wild

click above to view more modded Nissan GT-Rs from the TAS

Spy Shots, Tokyo Motor Show edition: Amuse and Top Secret taking on the GT-R

The impending Nissan GT-R extravaganza in Japan is about to get underway. Unfortunately, the Tokyo Auto Salon runs right up against our coverage of the North American International Auto Show, so we're stuck covering the event from our couch and hotel rooms. When will they learn?