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There are a lot of hurdles to getting people into electric cars. There's the cheaper price of gasoline, worries about range anxiety, and those cancer fears. Who would've thunk it that another problem is people are too in love with their bicycles? This is the situation in Amsterdam, where decades of bicycle promotion have resulted in a population that happily gets around on two wheels. Who wouldn't, considering that bikes have the right-of-way over cars? Some people in the city really don't like

Note to Smart Fortwo owners: Don't park your itty-bitty city cars near easily-accessible bodies of water. If you thought the car's errant transmission and its rough-and-tumble shifts were your biggest concern, you've likely never heard of the latest craze sweeping Amsterdam: "Smart Smijten." That's 'Smart Tipping' in American, and the reality of the situation is just about as distasteful as it sounds to owners of affected Fortwos.