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British Scientists Think The Answer Is Yes

Hydrogen cars are on their way, and they aren't bringing harmful emissions with them. That doesn't mean they aren't without their problems. There are safety concerns about storing it under high pressure, whether that's inside the car or in a tank at the fueling station, for example. Also, the challenge of creating a hydrogen infrastructure at a large enough scale to actually make the cars practical is a daunting one. What if there were a safer, easier way to power vehicles with hydrogen? Well, s

Most of the talk of ammonia in the car industry these days is related to diesel after-treatment systems. Shawn Grannell of Ann Arbor MI has a different idea. Grannell is working on his doctoral thesis in applied physics at the University of Michigan and he thinks that ammonia is the solution to replacing petroleum.

Whether or not you believe in global warming, nitrogen-oxides, or NOx, definitely does contribute to acid rain and smog, which are not debatable. Because NOx is emitted in large quantities from the exhaust of diesel engines, something needs to stop it from entering our atmosphere. One way to do this is with urea, which is being used in the Bluetec systems installed by various automakers. Because people don't like to think about carrying around a container of urea (think urine, although it is usu