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As the California Air Resources Board prepares to decide on emissions regulations that could increase fuel economy requirements of 2017 to 2025 model year vehicles, the state's American Lung Association is pushing regulators to adopt stricter standards. In a recent report, the American Lung Association in California claims that the state could save $7.2 billion in health-related costs if more stringent emissions standards were to be adopted. The Lung Association says that, over the course

A new study jointly conducted by the American Lung Association of California and TIAX LLC, a consulting firm specializing in transportation and alternative fuels research, suggests that up to $142 billion could be saved by the year 2030 in just the state of California if its fleet were converted to zero emissions vehicles (ZEVs). The study also reports that California alone could "annually avoid 300 cases of premature death, over 260 cases of chronic bronchitis, over 7,000 asthma attacks and mor

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