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American Electric Power says grid ready for PHEVs

Michael Morris, Chairman and CEO of American Electric Power, believes that the U.S. electrical grid is capable of supporting up to 60 million plug-in hybrid vehicles right now. In a speech at the Detroit Economic Club, the chief of the biggest electricity supplier in the United States said that up to 20 percent of the U.S. vehicle fleet could be switched over to plug-in capability and the grid would be fine. Like other proponents of plug-in vehicles, Morris feels that PHEVs would actually help i

American Electric Power and Alstom to commercialize CO2 capture by 2011

American Electric Power and power plant supplier Alstom have agreed to work together to implement a commercial scale version of Alstom's carbon capture technology by 2011. The first phase of the project will involve the constr

Hydrogen supplier employee killed in explosion at Ohio power plant

In the hustle of the Detroit Auto Show, I missed this sad bit of news that about the dangers of working in the energy industry, and might also tell us more about the potential dangers of hydrogen.