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Forbes has published a list of 10 diesel cars Americans will be able to purchase soon. Automakers expect that the new generation diesels will catch up on American soil thanks to their refined engineering, which translates into reduced emissions and more torque along with mileage increases of around 30 percent. This is the good news, the bad news is that the U.S. doesn't always get the most fuel-efficient oil burners, especially when it comes to the smaller models. Forbes' list doesn't offer much

It looks like consumers are starting to come to the realization that although hybrid vehicles have the potential to provide big increases in fuel efficiency, that improvement is not universal especially if you're not prepared to modify your driving habits. By their nature parallel hybrids are most useful in applications that involve a lot of starting and stopping. This allows the system to recapture kinetic energy during braking and store it in the battery. Applications that get predominantly co

Good news for diesel lovers in the US: In around 2010, GM, Toyota, Honda, BMW, the Chrysler group, Nissan, Audi and others will offer diesel engines in cars and SUVs. The exception will be Ford, which considers that they're too expensive for passenger vehicles.