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Gran Turismo 5 continues to tantalize while enraging keeping us waiting with bated breath, for that one day when we can place the disc into our Playstation 3. The game was supposed to be released on November 2nd, but an announcement on the US Playstation blog said it was pushed back... again. The only clue to the new release date was that it would be available this holiday season. What does that mean exactly? Apparently it means that you will have to shake off your hangover and pick up a copy of

Starting Monday, Amazon.com will be in the new car business. More specifically, they will begin selling Lincolns. Sort of like the Foose Camaros at Sam's Club, this one has us scratching our heads a bit. Maybe we'll pick up some Head & Shoulders while we're there. After finding the Lincoln page, shoppers can choose the MKZ, MKX or Navigator. Each opens its own dedicated page with options, pricing, and a link to a live "Lincoln personal assistant" who will liaise with a traditional dealership