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An 80-year-old Democrat from Michigan, John Dingell has been behind many environmental laws during his 51-year career in national politics, including the original CAFE regulations. But the green community is on edge as he assumes chairmanship of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which handles most energy-related measures. Dingell is a staunch supporter of the auto industry and has resisted toughening CAFE standards.

Driving smarter (which we take to mean driving less and polluting less when we do drive) is about more that what your CO2 emissions are and your MPG rating, it's about feeling greener, better. There is a lot of attention (here and everywhere else, it seems) on ethanol as a way to drive cleaner, and in a lot of ways ethanol is better (greener) than regular old gasoline. But the big variable is how the ethanol is produced. Recently, Grist took a look at how some of the mega-ethanol producers use c