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Under the radar: What's up with Phoenix Motorcars and bankruptcy?

Remember when Phoenix Motorcars was trying to get attention for their all-electric SUT with their friend Ed Begley, Jr.? Man that was a long time ago. We haven't heard an official statement from the company since they declared "We have not abandoned the alternative fuels transportation space" back in April. One reason for the silence: th

Al Yousuf adds to Zap buy with shares of Altair Nanotechnologies

Al Yousuf, based in the United Arab Emirates, is a large company with holdings in the automotive, computer and boat industries. Late last week, the company announced it would expand its green car tech investments by buying 8 million shares of common stock of Altair Nanotechnologies Inc. Al Yousuf now owns about 21 percent of Altair, up from 14 percent before the purchase. In May, the Al Yousuf Group bought $475,000 of Zap's convertible debt, and Al Yousuf L

Altairnano gets brand makeover, attracts $10 million injection

It is said that a change is as good as a rest and in that spirit Altairnano has decided to do a little rebranding and refocusing. Along with a new logo, a freshened website and targeted ad campaign, the company has adopted the new tagline, "Charging the Energy Revolution." All this is meant to suppor