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2010 Nissan Leaf [*UPDATED w/vids & live photos]

In person, in depth - and U.S. bound

2010 Nissan Leaf EV - Click above for hi-res gallery

Green gasoline: Coming soon to a pump near you?

It may sound a bit like something from a Dr. Seuss book, but it seems "green gasoline" is indeed on its way to a pump near you. Terrabon, a Texas-based company specializing in biofuels, reports its alternative fuel is completely compatible with gasoline and can be produced using nearly any kind of organic material, including sewer sludge.

Saudi oil minister: you be careful with those dangerous alternative fuels, OK?

Saudi Arabia's oil minister, Ali Al-Naimi, is nervous. Speaking earlier this month, he said that alternative fuels should be called "supplemental" and that "These sources cannot contribute meaningfully to the world's energy mix until they have attained levels of affordability, accessibility, acceptance and sustainability." So far, so good. Kind of dismissive of the biofuels' potential, kind of realistic. But, he went on:

New hybrid tech being developed for ALMS, possible new fuel to come

These days, its not much easier to run a racing series than it is to run a car company. However, if there is any series boss who could be said to be in an "enviable" situation, it is Scott Atherton, CEO of the American Le Mans Series. Coming off its tenth anniversary in 2008, the series had its most successful season yet. However, the loss of Audi and Porsche as full time competitors certainly stings, although not to the same degree that Formula One is feeling right now. Even with manufacturers

Who wins federal dollars race? Ethanol does, by a long shot

Undeterred by the fact that ethanol is the worst type or alternative energy, the federal government is in love with corn ethanol, perhaps a bit too much. Over the years, the American farm lobby has worked and worked to get subsidies for corn growers and, more recently, ethanol producers. The result, as calculated the Environmental Working Group

Eaton developing hydraulic hybrid systems

Eaton, a company primarily known for making superchargers that make your vehicle go like stink, but guzzle even more gas, is also in the series hydraulic hybrid (SHH) business. The drive system in a hydraulic hybrid replaces the conventional drivetrain; the engine is effectively rendered a "pump" for the hydraulics, and energy is stored in two different accumulators that then power the wheels. Fuel savings of 50-70% are achieved by the system being much lighter than a traditional drivetrain, alo

Kia Motors has plans for hybrids, EVs and fuel cells in the coming years

Kia is not a brand most people think of as being on the cutting edge of alternative drivetrain technology, especially in the U.S. market. Here they are mostly thought of as a purveyor of inexpensive, decent but not outstanding cars. However we can't forget that Kia is a part of Hyundai and that brand has consistently ranked in the top three in CAFE rankings for the last several years, along with Toyota and Honda. That's without even having a hybrid, diesel or flex-fuel vehicle in the lineup. Tog

At Witz' End - Gas Prices: Alternatives and Oil Supply

Part of the problem is speculation: individual and institutional investors betting on higher future oil prices. Another big factor is the very weak U.S. dollar. But the bulk of the reason oil and gas prices have climbed so high is that age-old Economics 101 supply/demand equation. Global demand, especially by develop

VIDEO: Top Gear looks at alternative fuels in 1990

digg_url = 'http://digg.com/environment/VIDEO_Top_Gear_looks_at_alternative_fuels_in_1990'; As difficult as it may be to believe, interest in alternative fuel vehicles actually pre-dates the launch of AutoblogGreen a little more than two years ago. Another fact that may be tough to swallow is that the BBC's Top Gear was not always the Sam Abuelsamid

Science magazine declares ethanol worse for the Earth than fossil fuels

Jon Markman at MSN Money doesn't hold back when he says "Corn-based ethanol production is sure to go down as one of the greatest mistakes ever in U.S. energy policy." It's even more provoking when he writes "replacing fossil fuels with corn-based ethanol would double greenhouse gas emissions over the next three decades. The studies show that switchgrass, an alternative to ethanol that's more weed than plant, would boost emissions by 50%."

Says Rick Wagoner: Volt might come in 2010... or it might not

Bob Lutz has staked a fair amount of his and GM's reputation on the Volt. Even though he has said since the beginning that the Volt needs battery technology that isn't ready for the mass market yet, he also said that the Volt would go on sale by the end of 2010.

Cleantechblog's Alternative Energy 2006 year in review

By clicking on the link above or below, you can see his explanations as to why he remembers these items over others. Care to add any of your own?

Tom Bevan: Imagine what could happen with real leadership on alternative fuel issue

Following up on yesterday's post about the public opinion polls showing that American's want alternative fuels, and are even willing to pay a higher gas tax to make the U.S. more energy independent, I wanted to link to this opinion piece by Tom Bevan in last Friday's Real Clear Polit

Bioengineered algae bringing hydrogen fuel-cells closer?

While most car manufacturers believe that hydrogen fuel cells are the long-term solution to reducing petroleum consumption and automotive air pollution, a number of problems remain unsolved at present. Two of the biggest are how to produce hydrogen efficiently, and how to store it in a vehicle.

Does the U.S. face dependence on foreign ethanol?

Well, not exactly, but President Bush's current fascination with E85 fuel aside, problems with widespread adoption of high ethanol content fuels go far beyond the lack of special pumps at your corner gas station-- the U.S. has an E85 shortage, and we're importing ethanol from Brazil to make up the shortfall.

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