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AeroVironment, a company that helps build drones (unpiloted flying machines) for the U.S. military as well as earlier work on vehicles like the Sunraycer and the GM Impact, announced today that its ten-minute recharge demonstration of an Altair Nanotechnologies 35kWh battery pack was successful, and restored enough power to drive the car for two hours at 60 mph. The demo was performed for folks from California Air Resources Board (CARB) at AeroVironment's Monrovia, California Energy Technology C

I know jack squat about Malcom Berko. According to this little write up, he's been working in the investments field for 50 years. He currently writes a column where he answer's investor's questions, and he recently took on Altairnano.

Last December, Altair Nanotechnologies Inc. shipped the first ten 35 KWh battery packs of a large order from Phoenix Motorcars, and those ten batteries cost Phoenix $750,000, and Phoenix must have been happy with the packs, because today it was announced that a $2.21 million extension of the order was placed. The total battery order now stands at $4,075,000 and Altairnano has so far shipped more than $1,475,000 worth of packs to Phoenix.

We've been face to face with Ed Begley, Jr. and the Phoenix SUT/SUV at both the SEMA show and the Alt Car Expo last year. Lucky for us, we get another chance soon when the duo makes an appearance at the Alternative Fuels and Vehicles National Conference and Expo, which starts this weekend.

As critics will quickly point out, the range, charging time and power of an electric vehicle's batteries need to be constantly improved if EVs are ever going to take off in America. Recently, Phoenix Motorcars put in an initial order of $750,000 for high-powered batteries from Altair Nanotechnologies, Inc. The batteries, proprietary nano-lithium ion batteries, use a "nano-structured negative electrode material called nano Lithium Titanium Oxide, or nLTO, that replaces the graphite used in 'stand