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With a website that looks like it was made in about four minutes, the Alliance for a Safe Alternative Fuels Environment (AllSAFE) is continuing its mission to make ethanol pumps less confusing for people pumping gas. It's no surprise that filling your tank with E85 when you car is not flex-fuel capable is not a good idea, and AllSAFE is supporting the EPA's recent enforcement letter that addresses gas stations selling gasoline blended with more than 10 percent ethanol. AllSAFE's press release qu

AllSAFE, a group representing manufacturers of outdoor power equipment, marine manufacturers, small engine manufacturers as well as motorcycle and automobile manufacturers is warning us about E20. The group released a note stating that it might not be advisable to use mid-level ethanol blends, such as E20, with non-modified engines.

A report by Dr. Ron Sahu indicates that not enough research has been put into long-term effects of fuel with higher than ten percent ethanol. According to his study, when combusted, ethanol releases more heat, which could over time corrode and damage engine components not meant to sustain it, especially in motors used in things like snowmobiles, ATVs, and lawnmowers.

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