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Remember how the automakers fought against the 35 mpg by 2020 CAFE increase late last year? They are also fighting against possible state-by-state emissions and fuel economy regulations issues that are going through the courts. Following the news today of the NHTSA's call for cars to reach a 35.7 mpg average (and light trucks reach a 28.6 mpg average) by 2015, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers seems to be OK with it. The Auto Alliance issued a statement today (pasted after the jump) where

We last chatted with the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers at the New York Auto Show. We heard then about the Alliance's safety and eco-related stances. On Monday, the Alliance will announce that 1.8 million alternative-fueled autos (diesels, hybrids and flex-fuel) were sold in the U.S. in 2007, up just a bit - 250,000 - from 2006. Both hybrids and flex-fuel vehicle sales climbed while diesels dipped. The Alliance believes that more than 2m alternative vehicles will be sold in America in 2008