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Allergies Can Be As Bad As Drinking For Drivers

Study shows the symptoms can impair drivers as much as an alcoholic beverage

When you're not feeling the best, you rarely do your best, but a new study found that allergies not only make life tough, they make driving dangerous, too.

Study suggests hay fever sufferers drive nine million miles blind

Allergy sufferers really don't get a break once the weather warms up. Spring brings an eruption of pollen that has most of us begging for the sweet release of cold death. Just as soon as we wean ourselves off our industrial supply of Benadryl and Claritin, summer comes around to smack us with hay fever. According to research sponsored by UK air-conditioning service company Kwik-Fit, British drivers will cover around 9,300,000 miles with their eyes shut this season as a result of sneezing while d