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Alfa Romeo Milano comes into focus

The Alfa Romeo 147 was voted European Car of the Year. But that was way back in 2001, the year after its launch. And despite a mid-cycle refresh, it's since grown a little long in the tooth. The Italian automaker introduced the MiTo to replace the three-door 147 last year, and has been hard at work since on the new Milano (previously referred to as "149") to replace the 147 five-door once and for all. Now, following months of Noah Joseph

Alfa Giulia coming to America sans MiTo, Milano?

Following the confirmation of Chrysler's tie-in with the Fiat group, images began swirling around our imaginations of the imminent arrival of Alfa Romeo models current and future. That may, according to reports emerging from Italy, prove a little premature. (It happens to lots of guys, we hear). Because while the itty-bitty Fiat 500 is anticipated to hit Chrysler dealers in the near future, the

Spy Shots: Alfa Romeo Milano stopped by police by the Nurburgring

If you're looking at spy shots of a European hatchback and wondering, "Why should I care?", we'll tell you why. This car is, in all likelihood, coming to America. The test mule was snapped while stopped by local police, which isn't something you see every day. Oh, and it was near the Nurburgring, to boot.