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Toyota Yaris, Aygo win World MPG Marathon with 80+ mpg

OK, tell me who isn't on a mileage marathon these days? We're still rocking the Audi trip, and the Peugots and the Corvette were busy in the UK with the ALD event. Meanwhile, we get a note from Toyota that their fleet has "dominated" the ALD World MPG Marathon. ToMoCo's defin

ALD Automotive teaches customers to drive smarter, consume less

Renting and lease fleet management company ALD Automotive, which belongs to Societé Génerale, is investing in car fuel-efficiency courses. The company has designed them to provide both theoric knowledge and practice for its customers. ALD expects to obtain "significant reductions" in fuel consumption, designing the course to reflect real-world situations. It aims not only to save money at the pump, but to reduce CO2 emissions and thus the company's overall environmental