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Suede, and its more durable synthetic cousin Alcantara, are two smooth, sporty types of interior fabric, but they get dirty much easier than traditional leather. Here's how to safely clean your car's suede or Alcantara.

Lancia once seemed like a brand on the edge of extinction. With a tradition that in the '80s gave us names like the Delta Integrale that won many rallies, the Lancia was just kept alive by the Ypsilon, and a couple of very unsuccessful models. Now Fiat is insisting on revamping it, and has not only introduced a compact minivan with all the luxury features, the Musa, it has also resurrected the Delta model. So what's the new Delta about? A compact size - about 20 cm less than the Fiat Bravo - tha

Apparently swathing the dash of a Ferrari or the headliner of a Noble wasn't enough for the sellers of Alcantara leather around the world. The suede-like leather product that has until now been reserved for exotics and upper end cars is going to be find its way into Chryslers, Cadillacs and even Mercury Mariners. As Dave from Kicking Tires notes, the grippy material probably won't seem out of place in the Chrysler SRT models or Cadillac's V series, but the Mariner seems a stretch.

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