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It's certainly tough to argue with the results of Alan Mulally's tenure as chief executive officer of Ford Motor Company. The product and financial resurgence that Mulally has led allowed Ford to be the only Detroit-based automaker to avoid going through bankruptcy. That success is reflected in the Ford CEO's paycheck as well.

Ford revealed today that its CEO Alan Mullaly was compensated with a package worth $21.7 million last year. His base pay was $2 million and he received incentive bonuses totaling $7 million. The rest of his money pile comes from stock options and the like. All told, Ford's top five highest paid execs accounted for some $60 million of the Blue Oval's total bill in 2007. Mulally actually made $28.2 million in 2006, but $11 million of that was what it cost Ford to buy out his contract with Boeing.