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V-Vehicle turned down for $321 million bid in DOE loans

Start-up automaker V-Vehicle Co. received news Wednesday that its bid for $321.1 million in federal loans was denied. The loans were considered crucial to getting the company on its feet.

Al Gore plan to solve economic, energy and warming crises would boost electric car

As most Americans are aware, we are in the midst of several crises. Luckily, this country has people with, not only ideas, but also some clout to help see their ideas come to fruition. One of those people is inventor of the internet 43rd President political punching bag Al Gore and this past Saturday he had an editorial outlining his 5 point plan to solve the economic, energy and global warming crises in ten ye

VIDEO: Al Gore gives a new slide show. Now with increased optimism!

Al Gore had the opportunity to address the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference again and he gave them a slide show which was recorded that we can now bring to you. This one differed from "An Inconvenient Truth" somewhat. Sure, there were images showing the awesome amount of changes happening on our planet but, with a confident and highly optimistic tone, there were also some solutions presented

Al Gore drives hybrid Taxi in Futurama movie

Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore voices himself as a hybrid cab driver in 2012 Long Island in the new animated movie Futurama: Bender's Big Score. In the movie, Al is happy to get a ride from a killer, time-traveling robot that offers him $100 to run over someone. Al crashes his Lascelles Linton

Is Gore waging an "all-out assault on all forms of fossil fuels" and will it hurt our economy?

I'm sure that by now, all of us are familiar with Al Gore and his documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth". You probably also know that automakers, scientists and politicians are busy in Washington making decisions on what steps, if any, to take to combat global warming and the greenhouse gases that are emitted from our exhaust pipes, factories and the like. While reading over some of the statements and testimony in the hearings, something really Jeremy Korzeniewski

An Inconvenient Truth movie trailer

In case you just happened by AutoblogGreen, but don’t really know much about green automobile technology and are curious about why people are so concerned about making their cars run cleaner, here’s a movie trailer worth watching. The film, “An Inconvenient Truth”, appears to be a dramatic documentary detailing the causes and effects of global warming. The film stars Al Gore, who s