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Now there's some sad things known to man, but ain't too much sadder than the tears of a... CEO? Apparently, at least one Toyota shareholder has seen enough tears and weeping from the company's not-so-fearless leader.

Oh, what a terrible feeling it must have been when Toyota's president, Akio Toyoda, had to sit down and write out this here mea culpa, mia maxima culpa for today's Washington Post. As the bad news continues to fall upon Toyota's bruised crown, we imagine that Mr. Toyoda realized that his company had reached the point where continued sound bite apologies (here's another one) isn't doing Toyota all that much good. As such, he put pen to paper and defends the Japanese giant in long format.

Toyota's President and CEO, Akio Toyoda, made his first public comment about the the Toyota recall during an interview with NHK today, in which he publicly apologized to the company's customers. "I am deeply sorry," the grandson of the automaker's founder told the Japanese network, going on to say that "we think of our customers as a priority and we guarantee their safety."