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If some governments proudly say that the way out of our economic problems is by investing in new technologies, here's a story that shows that they might not be right. One important player in the so-called "hydrogen economy," Air Products (previous posts), is dealing with the hard times by laying off 1,300 of its workers worldwide. Although the company spots minimal debt, the cuts were planned to lower structural costs and will save Air Products an estimated $50 million in 2009 and $110 million i

Is it just me or has there been a lot less hydrogen news coming out recently than usual? Finally, though, the drought has ended and we have ExxonMobil Refining and Supply Company to thank for bringing it up again. The news is that ExxonMobil will be getting a supply of hydrogen from Air Products (they of the mobile hydrogen refueling station) via a hydrogen pipeline network in the West Gulf Coast. ExxonMobil refineries in Baytown, Texas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana will get the hydrogen product st

Air Products is already one of the biggest producers and distributors of hydrogen. Most of what the company produces currently is distributed by tanker trucks. More recently the company has been collaborating with Harvest Energy Technology, Inc to develop and test on-site hydrogen generation systems. After successfully deploying installations of Harvest's reformer technology in Las Vegas and State College PA, Air Products has now bought the smaller company. The methane steam reformation generato

What's cooler than a nuclear-powered submarine? That's right, a hydrogen-powered sub. Air Products (Est. 1940) has a lot of projects in the fire, but the late breaking news is that they have supplied the first hydrogen power plant for a submarine in the Hellenic (read: Greek) Navy.

On October 23, another hydrogen filling station opened up in downtown Detroit at the NextEnergyCenter. The station was built in a partnership between the Department of Energy, Air Products, Daimler-Chrysler, NextEnergy and BP. It will primarily be used by to fill up Daimler-Chrysler fuel cell vehicles that are being field tested. The facility uses the AirProducts Series 200 system which can store up to 50kg of hydrogen and dispense 20-40 kg of hydrogen per day. The Ford Focus fuel cell car ABG

As the cars in the California Fuel Cell Partnership's (CaFCP) Road Rally 2006, which ends today, finish up their drives, let's take a look at one of the fuel sources they used during the five-day rally. Air Products has developed a mobile hydrogen fueling station that can be transported from city to city to dispense hydrogen from any location. The system does not produce hydrogen, but can store it. There are 15 of these mobile hydrogen fuelers operating around the world.