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Lucid Motors unveiled it's $100,000+ luxury EV.

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It wasn't all that long ago that the auto industry was under fire for its use of ozone-depleting chemicals in its air conditioning systems. To curb those fears, the older R-12 refrigerant was replaced with R-134a refrigerant. Interestingly enough, CO2, long associated with harmful automobile emissions, is being touted as a desirable natural replacement for the chemical substances used today. In fact, the German Automotive Association has already chosen to use CO2 as the next source for automotiv

Who would have thought that a concept as simple as compressed air could be a viable automotive technology? Sure, we all fill our tires with the stuff, but some automakers - MDI, for one - are considering compressed air as an energy carrier, like a battery. Whether a vehicle is engineered to run solely on air power or if the energy is stored as part of a hybrid system, the very air we breathe could provide propulsion for our vehicles.

Guy Negre's compressed air vision has crossed our desks before. The vehicle, which uses a motor powered by 4,000 psi of compressed air stored in carbon fiber tanks, will actually start production in India soon – after 15 years in development – thanks to some help from India's biggest automaker, Tata, which itself just unveiled the world's least expensive car called the Nano. The MDI Citycat and Minicat are built from lightweight materials and offer large passenger and luggage space w

The Scuderi Group has developed a breakthrough air-hybrid powertrain, claimed to be the world's most fuel efficient internal combustion engine, according to a report from Technology News Daily. The engine will debut at the Engine Expo 2006 in Stuttgart, Germany, which runs from May 9th until the 11th. The engine promises to double the fuel efficiency of today's automobiles and reduce toxic emissions by up to 80 percent. On top of that, the concept promises to make hybrid vehicles easier and less