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The 10 Most Important Things in Your Car Owner’s Manual

One thing you likely have in your car at all times is your owner’s manual and, if you don’t, you should keep it nearby.

How to Add Air to Your Tires

It’s easy to take the air pressure in your tires for granted.

Why Do New Tires Have Rubber Hair on Them?

There are little rubber hairs that you see on every new tire.

The Car Coach: Checking Your Own Tire Pressure Pays Off

Some cars are making it easy to keep your tires healthy, but most of us have to do it ourselves.

Car Coach Lauren Fix answers your questions about car buying and maintenance. This week, Lauren talks about tire pressure and keeping your self safe and your car achieving the best fuel economy it can.

Study: One-third of drivers don't know what this dashboard light means

Remember the Ford Explorer/Firestone tire debacle from a decade ago? Thousands of the 'utes rolled-over and much of the blame fell on insufficiently inflated tires, costing the Blue Oval billions of dollars to replace the tires on just about every Explorer still left on the road. The other fallout from Explorer-gate (or Firestone-gate) was institution of the Tire Pressure Monitoring System that's now a legal standard on every car and truck buil