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Scuderi Group, an engineering and licensing company based in West Springfield, MA, has released fuel consumption results of a computer study that modeled the effects of various Scuderi Split-Cycle (SSC) prototype engine designs, including turbocharged and air-hybrid, in a 2011 Nissan Sentra. The computer tests simulated Federal Test Procedure-75 (FTP-75) for each of Scuderi's engines and preliminary results show that a decrease in fuel consumption of up to a 35 percent was achievable when Scuder

At the recent SAE World Congress AutoblogGreen spent a few minutes talking to Nick Scuderi of the Scuderi Group about their air hybrid engine technology. Calling this engine an air hybrid may be a bit of a misnomer, especially when compared to a gas-electric hybrid vehicle. Semantics aside, the concept is an interesting one and shows that the potential of the internal combustion engine hasn't yet been fully exhausted. We'll keep an eye on this one to see if it actually works as promised when run