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The American International Automobile Dealers Association has gone through the trouble of working up an informative website to break down which foreign automakers have a presence here in the land of the free. Even after decades of manufacturing products in the United States, automakers from Europe and Asia are still occasionally confronted with protectionist sentiments. Just look at the spate of vandalism toward Toyota vehicles at this year's Chicago Auto Show as evidence. As the American econom

The Democrats now controlling congress have some big plans for the first few weeks, some of which will affect the auto industry and the environment. According the American International Automobile Dealers Association, they plan to establish a dedicated fund for conservation and renewable energy projects, that will be funded by repealing subsidies given to oil companies by previous Republican congresses. The Interior Dept is trying to rework drilling leases that let companies avoid paying billion

Although there is a lot of debate about what type of green technology will be the best for our environment and our economy into the future, plug-in hybrids appear to be growing in popularity. One of the concerns with this type of alternative energy vehicle is what will happen to our power grid when all of these vehicles plug in. Can the current infrastructure handle the greater load? Well, the newest AIADA newsletter tells us that we should be OK up to about 180 million plug-in hybrids. That's a