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Teasers... generally the small, grainy, purposely-blurred or otherwise difficult to decipher images don't give away very much and are used to generate excitement for a new product before its official announcement. Usually, it takes a keen eye to pull out any detail from the resulting wreckage. Such is the case with the latest teaser image from Mavizen, the company that's planning to release a new twin-motor electric racebike inspired by the TTXGP-winning electric racer from Team Agni.

According to the official TTXGP blog, the long-awaited TTX02 electric racebike will be unveiled November 3rd at the giant SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Based on the race-winning Agni X01 electric motorcycle with a frame sourced from an unknown "leading motorcycle manufacturer," the team behind the effort claims it will be the world's first production electric supersport bike bred for racing.

A few weeks ago, we reported on a press release from Agni Inc., an alternative energy technology company, that announced the registration of the design rights for a car that could run on hydrogen, diesel, biodiesel, grid-electricity and the sun. Unfortunately, the press release was short and left many questions unanswered, so the car remained a bit of a mystery. We contacted Agni directly to obtain additional information and just a few days ago they were finally able to get back to us with a mor

When you say "hybrid" in these parts, it's possible you could mean a couple different things. Gas-electrics are the well-known norm while diesel-electrics are slowly gaining some press and exposure. Well, how about combining hydrogen, biodiesel, grid-electricity and the sun?