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AFVI 2010: Xtreme Green brings its zero-emission police force

Xtreme Green police vehicles – Click above for high-res image gallery

AutoblogGreen Podcast #22

For Episode #22 of the AutoblogGreen podcast, Sam and Sebastian recap the AVFI show in Las Vegas, and enter into a discussion focusing on diesel. Still on the diesel tip, Sam talks excitedly about the Volkswagen TDI Cup racing series before moving on to the much more charged topic of EV infrastructure. Our interview this week isn't so much a one on one as it is a speech from T. Boone Pickens, he of oil magnate status, about how oil is n

AFVI Show: All the details you'd ever want - videos, powerpoints, and more

Even though AutoblogGreen brought you lots of coverage from the Alternative Fuels and Vehicles expo and conference in Anaheim last week, with only one reporter on the ground there was no way to bring you everything. Thanks to the A/V people the conference hired, and the openness that some of the presenters feel, a lot of the session presentations are now available for you to Sebastian Blanco

AFVI Show: Expo display vehicles - Chevy Sequel, E85 Interceptor, Zap! ATV, T3 and more

That there is Larry Hagman. Mr. J.R. Ewing himself. He's a big green car advocate now, and he wandered the AFVI expo hall Monday afternoon looking over the cars and signing autographs for folks. Some of the cars he checked out were from ZENN and Zap! Other cars on the floor are the new police-duty E85 Interceptor, the Chevy Sequel, Zap!'s new all-electric ATV, the T3 scooter and m

AFVI Show: notes on the opening speeches (CIA assassination, GM < Honda, and more)

The AFVI Show certainly is a corporate conference. The opening session Monday morning was full of sponsor thanking, a promo video from GM, award presentations (from Santa Ana's mayor to Southern California Gas, the Green Award 2007 from AFVI to GM for their "Live Green, Go Yellow" campaign), and simple, industrial-strength platitudes on the excitement and potential the conference represents.

AFVI Show: Alternative fuels forecast

There wasn't too much new in the Monday-morning AFVI session California Dreamin': Forecast for Alternative Fuels, but a few viewpoints from the discussion are worth mentioning here.

AFVI Show: Ways to save billions of gallons of fuel at the nation's airports

Airports are a unique environment, especially from an alternative fuel and air quality perspective. While the largest polluters at an airport are the aircraft and individuals driving to the airport, two factors that airport management cannot really control (aircraft are subject to international regulations; more on individual cars later), there has been a lot of movement towards using cleaner alternative fuels at airports across the country.

AFVI Show: Ride & Drive Photos

Ride and Drives with alternative fuel cars can be a strange thing. Take the case of BMW's Hydrogen 7 in Anaheim yesterday. It's a smooth drive, no doubt. But the whole point of having one of these at the AFVI Conference is that it can run on hydrogen, right? What you might not know is that the nearest hydrogen station to the Anaheim Convention Center, according to the BMW rep who rode shotgun while I took one of these for a spin yesterday, is 90 miles away. Thankfully, the Hydrogen 7 is also a G

AFVI Show: alternative fuel rental cars available in/near LA

We've mentioned all of these green car rental companies before, but this is the perfect time to recap, what with the Anaheim Alternative Fuels and Vehicles National Conference and Expo starting Sunday. If any of our readers will be traveling to the LA-area for the event (or any time), consider this a heads-up that you can drive an alternative-fuel car during your stay.