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T. Boone Pickens returned to the AFVI stage to give the expo's opening talk about, surprise, natural gas and transportation. We'll have a report of that event up in a bit, but we got a chance to ask him a few questions about things he didn't speak about from the stage, including his involvement with the mysterious and possibly troubled V-Vehicles. Pickens told AutoblogGreen that, "I don't even keep up with that, someone else does." This isn't to say Pickens doesn't know anything about the compan

Take something old – in this case, a 1933 Ford Roadster body – and make it into something new – a CNG-powered, 600-horsepower beast, perhaps. That's what's happening over at AFVTech, which is prepping the fenderless hot rod for the upcoming Alternative Fuels and Vehicles Institute expo that's coming in May.

Take something old – in this case, a 1933 Ford Roadster body – and make it into something new – a CNG-powered, 600 hp beast, perhaps. That's what's happening over at AFVTech, which is prepping the hot rod for the upcoming Alternative Fuels and Vehicles Institute expo that's coming in May. The company is using what President Kevin Fern called the "Natural Drive dedicated EPA-certified CNG retrofit systems" for clean-burning 600 horsepower. The conversion uses a modified General

I covered the AFVI Expo last week and that trip was my first visit to Las Vegas. I've heard the stories, the advertising campaign that tries to sell Sin City as, well, Sin City that takes your credit card. What interested me the most, though, was how my environmentalist mind would react to being in a city that, quite honestly, celebrates excess and waste. I didn't expect to feel comfortable in an oasis of VIP come-ons and bright lights surrounded by a harsh desert. I arrived in town around noon

Project Better Place has been making lots of headlines with their plan to create a battery swapping and charging infrastructure in different countries. At the recently held Alternative Fuels and Vehicles conference, a panel of representatives from some American electric car makers suggested they would prefer to see a slightly different scenario for the U.S. market. Nay to the whole battery swapping thing, yea to fast-charging stations.

Michael Williams is a bold man. It's not because he wears a bow tie and cowboy boots; it's because he will publicly say he's a good friend of the President. Not many people around who will admit to being tight with George Bush these days. Williams, who is the chairman of the Railroad Commission of Texas, revealed this and many other things during his speech to the AFVI Expo crowd during fleet day last week about the power of propane as an alternative fuel. Now, why would the Railroad Commission

There weren't a lot of astoundingly cool vehicles to drive at the AFVI Expo Ride and Drive earlier this week. Still, throw a handful of alternative-fueled cars, trucks and CUVs in a Las Vegas parking lot, and I'll check it out. As you can see in the video I made of the event, Bosch was heavily represented by a half-dozen or so clean diesel models. GEM and Miles EVs were easy to spot, and there was even a hybrid cherry-picker and a propane pickup or two. To kick off the event, Ed Begley, Jr. and

So, I'm editing together a short video of the Ride and Drive portion of the AFVI Expo that ended yesterday in Las Vegas. While we have (and often use) a piece of music we crafted ourselves as an intro and bed for our podcasts and videos, it really wasn't designed to be played in its entirety. And, since the video I'm working on has no comments, no talking heads, I thought you might want a change of pace this time. I figured at least one of our readers out there is a musician and would like to ha

When Larry Burns, GM's vice president of R&D and planning, spoke at the opening session of the AFVI expo yesterday morning, he stayed on target to bring GM's message to the conference. Before he stepped onto the stage, we had a chance to sit down with him and ask a few question

Electrorides Inc., a company based in California, will debut the ZeroTruck, an all-electric medium duty truck, at the 2008 AFVI National Conference and Expo in Las Vegas in mid-May. The ZeroTruck can go 100 miles per charge using an EIG lithium polymer battery pack and a UQM brushless permanent magnet elecgtric motor. The highway-speed truck can capture energy through regenerative braking and has an on-board charger to suck power from the grid. The first ZeroTrucks will be released in the Los An

If you're involved with monitoring a fleet of trucks, then you may have considered using liquefied natural gas (LNG) in those vehicles. Wal-Mart, PG&E, and the California ports have all taken a look at the technology. If you'd like a window into how LNG can reduce costs and emissions when compared to petroleum products, check out the latest webinar (I still don't like that word) from the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute. On April 22, the AFVI will present the free "LNG as a Transportation

While we can now easily see in great detail what General Motors thinks about plug-in hybrids vs. EVs with range extenders, what do others in the industry think about PHEVs? Anyone who can get online with a fast-enough web connection at 1:30 PM EST on February 26 will be able to find out. That's when the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute will present a free online seminar (ok, some use the ugly word "webinar") called "All Charged Up: The Promise of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles."

The Automotive X-Prize foundation released the first draft rules for the upcoming green car X-Prize (the Ansari X-Prize brought us Spaceship One back in 2004) for public comment. There will be two vehicle categories, and they have to be production-viable, not pie-in-the-sky concept vehicles. Official release at the NY Auto Show this week, but AutoblogGreen's got the info now. Also, our AFVI conference coverage have started.

We've mentioned all of these green car rental companies before, but this is the perfect time to recap, what with the Anaheim Alternative Fuels and Vehicles National Conference and Expo starting Sunday. If any of our readers will be traveling to the LA-area for the event (or any time), consider this a heads-up that you can drive an alternative-fuel car during your stay.

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