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AFVI 2008: A few final thoughts on green moves in Sin City, with Wendell Berry

I covered the AFVI Expo last week and that trip was my first visit to Las Vegas. I've heard the stories, the advertising campaign that tries to sell Sin City as, well, Sin City that takes your credit card. What interested me the most, though, was how my environmentalist mind would react to being in a city that, quite honestly, celebrates excess and waste. I didn't expect to feel comfortable in an oasis of VIP come-ons and bright lights

AFVI 2008: Ride and Drive video from Las Vegas

There weren't a lot of astoundingly cool vehicles to drive at the AFVI Expo Ride and Drive earlier this week. Still, throw a handful of alternative-fueled cars, trucks and CUVs in a Las Vegas parking lot, and I'll check it out. As you can see in the video I made of the event, Bosch was heavily represented by a half-dozen or so clean diesel models. GEM and Miles EVs were easy to spot, and there was even a hybrid cherry-picker and a propane pickup or two. To kick off the event, Ed Begley, Jr. and

AFVI 2008: request for music for video soundtrack

So, I'm editing together a short video of the Ride and Drive portion of the AFVI Expo that ended yesterday in Las Vegas. While we have (and often use) a piece of music we crafted ourselves as an intro and bed for our podcasts and videos, it really wasn't designed to be played in its entirety. And, since the video I'm working on has no comments, no talking heads, I thought you might want a change of pace this time. I figured at least one