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Following up on Derrick's post from yesterday, one other option the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) may use is to require the urea refill interval to be at least as long as the manufacturer's oil change interval, allowing the urea refill to coincide with oil changes.

Following the announcements of Honda's plans to introduce diesel engines in the U.S., Bloomberg is reporting on how Honda has patented a new method to curb nitric oxide emissions. In the new aftertreatment system, exhaust flows through a plasma reactor which separates nitrogen oxides and forms nitrogen dioxide that's then reduced or absorbed by alkali metals and silver. The system uses electricity to generate and maintain the plasma, which is drawn from the engine. Combine this reduction in fuel

DaimlerChrysler has signed an agreement with exhaust filtration expert Donaldson in order to meet upcoming 2007 environmental standards set by the US Environmental Protection Agency. The devices will be incorporated in Detroit Diesel and Mercedes-Benz MBE 900 engines, which are used extensively in medium-duty applications like refuse and fire trucks, school buses and delivery vans. Donaldson is responsible for the diesel oxidation catalyst and the diesel particulate filter, which will be incorpo