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AFA ends Blue Oval boycott

The American Family Association began a boycott of all Ford products back in March 2006 because it disagreed with Ford's marketing practices in gay-centric media outlets, as well as its policy of offering insurance benefits to same-sex couples. The Detroit News is reporting that the AFA has called off its righteous hounds, ending the boyco

AFA takes credit for sales slump at Ford

The American Family Association began a boycott against Ford back in March 2006 (not its first one, mind you). The boycott stemmed from Ford's refusing to cave in to the AFA's demands, which included not only pulling its advertising from gay-centric media outlets, but also ending the practice of offering domestic-partner benefits to same-sex couples. Ford has done neither, and the

Tit for Tat between Ford and AFA

The American Family Association's (AFA) boycott against Ford continues with fresh new arguments being hurled by both sides. The boycott, which went into effect last year, began when the conservative Christian organization felt Ford backtracked on its promise to discontinue advertising in gay publications and events.

19 groups to renew boycott against Ford over gay marketing efforts

We knew it couldn’t last. On Monday, nineteen conservative groups renewed plans for a boycott of the Ford Motor Company on the grounds that the automaker reneged on a purported accord to cease supporting gay organizations.