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Is this the world's first flying car drive-in?

Once upon a time ice cream was delivered in trucks to happy buyers. Then the people drove to the ice cream shop with curbside service. But back in those wonder years, the dream was that one day we'd zip over to the soda fountain in flying cars.

eBay Find of the Day: One of six Aerocars ever made

Click above for more shots of the Aerocar in eBay

A new flying car could be in your future. Queue Jetsons music...

OK, I wasn't really alive for the Curtiss Autoplane, the Waterman Aeromobile, or the Aerocar, but I can still not imagine a time when a flying car will really take off (pun intended. I know, not great but I do try). I know some have been built already, but they have never been popular. A company known as Volante Aircraft hopes to change that.