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As Audi hopes to surpass BMW as the top-selling luxury automaker, sometimes it has to look at the small victories, too. For instance, IllicitEncounters.com – a UK dating site for married folks (also known as adultery) – is reporting that a recent poll shows that more people willing to cheat on their spouses drive an Audi. Last year, this same poll showed that BMW was the car-of-choice for adulterers.


We're not so sure how scientific its poll was, but an online dating service that calls itself the U.K.'s largest for married people says that men who cheat on their wives are twice as likely to drive a BMW than any other brand of car.

It seems there aren't many news cycles that go by without a celebrity being accused of cheating on their spouse. But for some reason, when Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson is alleged to have been caught making out with a production assistant on the Top Gear World Tour, he gets a £1 million ($1.64M U.S.) offer to be the spokesperson for an adultery website.