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The biggest benefit of adhesives is that they allow automakers to mix and match structural materials.

Carmakers using lighter materials unsuitable for welding

From Pritt stick in school bags to Audi sports cars, adhesives have come a long way since natural gums and resins, and new high-tech variations are currently top of the list for carmakers as they seek ways to make cars lighter and tougher

In cars, Velcro is good for fastening your garage door clicker to the sun visor and... that's about it. But, some Velcro-inspired German engineers have come up with a version of the noisy fastener that could change all that. Meet Metaklett. Inspired by Velcro, Metaklett is made up of tiny steel hooks and loops that fasten to one another. Like Velcro, two pieces of Metaklett can be fastened to each other and then unfastened without any special tools. Oh, and one square meter of Metaklett can supp

Tianjin FAW Toyota Motor Co., a joint venture between Toyota Motor Co. and the Chinese FAW Group, issued a recall on all Toyota Crown sedans built between February 21st through September 20th last year. The problem is a weak adhesive used to hold the rubber strips that seal the windshield. According to the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China, the strips could break loose and strike other vehicles or pedestrians.