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Surviving the initial bankruptcy shakedown, yet still struggling to stay afloat, the Buick division of General Motors is introducing a new advertising campaign starting this weekend - adding to the handful of all-new campaigns it has launched since 2002. The new offensive, aimed directly at the intended audience of baby-boom drivers, carries the theme "Take a look at me now."

Subaru is hoping to give us all a little culture via its new Impreza ads. To show off the new 2008 Impreza and WRX, the company is using an ad campaign that portrays "the history, heritage and popular culture of its home country, Japan." Think everything from Japanese pop culture, from anime films and manga comics, to "The Fast and the Furious," "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and even "Blade Runner." The commercials will be debuting online today.

We would rather be tasked with reversing the downward tug of gravity than take on the ad account for the 2008 Ford Focus. The Blue Oval has announced that the account may not be handled by its usual agency, JWT Detroit, and that it's searching for a brave new agency to take on the daunting task of selling the redesigned Focus. JWT Detroit will bid for the account, but sources say Ford would like at least two outside agencies with fresh ideas to also compete for the job.

BMW's new 60 second TV spot is something of an automotive Fantasia. Remember the segment of that animated masterpiece where a symphony plays and the emotion behind the sounds are displayed in Technicolor glory? Well, think music, emotions, and motoring here. Bringing the exhiliration one feels when piloting a Beemer to visible life, sights of different BMW models explode into lights and swirls all accompanied by a fresh arrangement of Beethoven's 9th Symphony by UNKLE. This new campaign was crea

That Suzuki regularly achieves near-mythical levels of performance with its motorcycles is a well-established fact. The bikes are proven winners and champions on the international stage. When it comes to the company's automotive division here in the US, however, it's been a different story.