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Video: Grid girl faints on Porsche GT3 at starting line

The dangers of motorsport – Click above to watch video after the jump

German auto club releases gas vs diesel cost of ownership study

The German auto club ADAC (German equivalent of AAA) has published total cost of ownership survey comparing new cars and trucks equipped with gasoline and diesel engines. They factored in the initial cost of the vehicles and the cost of fuel based on the mileage of the vehicle with each type of engine. The club looked at 560 pairings of vehicles and the full list is available to club members. There is also a summary chart showing a small selection of the vehicles exa

Mercedes tops reliability report

According to the German automotive association ADAC, Mercedes-Benz vehicles are the most reliable among the German brands. The C-Class, CLK-Class, E-Class, M-Class, S-Class, and the SLK-Class all took top spots in the association's latest report, more than any other German automaker. The ADAC was especially impressed with the C-Class (pictured). This is particularly surprising considering the quality troubles Mercedes-Benz has had to deal with the last few years.