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The proceeds will go to the American Red Cross.

This is a highly modified and restored car.

Meet your hero.

Who doesn't want a Honda with more torque?

Why test the cars now, when they've been on sale for a while now? Could a performance variant be on the way?

A new program lets NSX buyers tour the factory and lend a hand.

Packages start at $2,700.

More engines need deep blue paint and dark chrome accents.

Better living through sport hybrid.

Technology that makes a car faster and more friendly.

It could be called RSX again, or ILX Sport, or all sorts of things.

Here are some cool cars that qualify for the 25-year importation rule in 2017.

A number of racing variants of other cars were also shown.

The MDX is supposed to look like the NSX GT3 it's towing. It doesn't.

There's only one NSX in Australia, and it's parked in the Melbourne Crown.

There's currently only one Acura NSX in Australia. Here's how it ended up inside the Melbourne Crown casino.

Lost development history on the original "new NSX." Plus, one owner's perspective on driving the icon today.

New trademark application could be used for a small hybrid sports car.

A recap of the week in automotive news, including the latest video of Acura's NSX GT3, and the IIHS' most recent Top Safety Pick+ award recipient.

Acura sets to public debut the NSX GT3 on the track. This  latest video from Acura offers us some sights and sounds of the NSX GT3.

Acura decided not to tease us for years with this version.

Although the FIA GT3 spec car is just there for testing during a race weekend, Acura is confident that the car will post competitive times and will be ready to race in 2017.

The 2017 Acura NSX is set to go racing next year. Honda is building the GT3-spec car in Ohio alongside the road car.

All-electric NSX concept finishes third overall.

Acura sent three NSX models to Pikes Peak. Two did well. One 'also campaigned.'

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