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Perhaps a flock-like approach to building lithium batteries for vehicles is what it'll take. A new alliance has been formed between the Argonne National Laboratory and 14 US companies to try and "perfect" li-ion batteries for cars, the lab announced this week. The alliance, called The National Alliance for Advanced Transportation Battery Cell Manufacture, will ask for between $1 and $2 billion from the US government over five years to help with the task. Much has been made of the way that Americ

The same technology that revolutionized popcorn making may soon aid in the quest for cheaper, better quality batteries for your future electric car. Yes, we're talking microwaves. The current process for creating lithium iron phosphate batteries, like the ones that A123 Systems sell, involves baking the materials for hours with temperatures rising as high as 700 degrees Celsius. Now, University of Texas materials science and engineering professor, Arumugam Manthiram, has hit on a way to use micr

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