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If you’ve been in a major car crash and your vehicle has sustained major damage, it may be declared a total loss.


The technology was never implemented.

Apple has a patent on technology that would lock down a phone while a user is driving. The lawsuit claims that failure to implement the tech makes Apple culpable in the victim's death.

You are driving down the road and suddenly a reckless driver crosses your path.

Car accidents can be a hassle for a number of reasons.

Even the safest drivers can get into an accident, especially if you drive your car on a daily basis.

Auto insurance is one of the most important parts of owning a vehicle.

Getting in a serious car accident is a very scary thing.

The compact car and SUV segments are among the most active segments in the car market right now.

A hit-and-run accident is always a difficult situation for the victim whose person, vehicle, or property was involved.

Every year, millions of cats and dogs are hit and either injured or killed by motorists.

Paying insurance premiums on your vehicle is a necessary evil.

Seasonal changes can bring hazardous weather, including rain and flooding.

Car accidents happen every day.

The primary reason an individual would need to calculate the diminished value of a car is to submit an insurance claim after an accident.

When you’re out on the highway driving to your destination, you probably aren’t thinking about an accident, but one can happen in an instant.

Car accidents happen hundreds of times every day, and sometimes cars are repaired under-the-table without having been reported.

The car seat is one of the most important purchases a parent can make towards ensuring the safety of their child.

Even the most conscientious drivers sometimes have accidents.

The bumper acts as a guard between other objects and your front end.

If you don’t know the term ridesharing, you’re sure to know the names Uber and Lyft.

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