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As the legal battle between Elon Musk and Martin Eberhard continues to percolate, a new/old voice has chimed in publicly on the controversy for the first time. Current Peppercom clean-tech analyst and ex-Tesla SVP of Marketing Darryl Siry has penned a piece for Wired that gives a different spin on the story. Rather than come down on the side either of the adversaries in this mess, he calls out both for the mistakes made along the way, and looks elsewhere for the real inspiration for the creation

As Martin Eberhard told ABG, one of the inspirations for creating the Tesla Roadster was the AC Propulsion TZero. He wanted a TZero but AC Propulsion wouldn't build him one so he and his partners got Tesla going. The TZero has been around for several years and is very much a development concept. It's a minimalist two-seater designed to demonstrate what an electric vehicle can do. At some point the History Channel matched up a TZero against a Dodge Viper at a dragstrip. The result over the quarte