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Toyota asks ABC News for apology, retraction of Brian Ross report

"Toyota deserves a public retraction and formal apology from ABC News." At least according to the automaker itself. For what, you ask? For ABC's "irresponsible broadcast entitled "Expert: Electronic Design Flaw Linked to Runaway Toyotas." You surely remember the piece, which originally aired the night before a Congressional Panel began investigat

Toyota hits back at David Gilbert's "no fault code" demonstration

Mechanism used to "force unintended acceleration - Click above for high-res image gallery

Unintended Accleration? Beware of TV Network Fraud - Autoline with John McElroy

You've already seen the ABC News piece about a college professor rigging up a Toyota Avalon so he could induce a short circuit that would cause unintended acceleration. It's a frightening demonstration. And as detailed yesterday, it's also bad journalism.

Report: Southeast Toyota dealers pull ads from local ABC stations citing "excessive stories" on recall

Southeast Toyota, which is the largest franchised distributor of Toyota vehicles in the world with 173 dealers in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina & South Carolina, has reportedly pulled all of its advertising from local ABC stations. Why? Apparently, the group decided that the television stations were airing "excessive stories on the Jeremy Korzeniewski

BREAKING: Bush greenlights $17.4 billion Auto Rescue/Bailout package

President George W. Bush will doubtlessly be remembered for many things things, but his parting legacy may yet be his eleventh-hour pledge of $17.4 billion in low-interest loans to General Motors and Chrysler (Ford Motor Company has said it does not require relief at this time).

Video: ABC News Nightline catches up with Tesla Motors

digg_url = 'http://digg.com/tech_news/VIDEO_ABC_News_Nightline_catches_up_with_Tesla_Motors'; We sure do love you guys around here, our readership I mean. Without you, there wouldn't be much point to writing all of this stuff, now would there? But, let's be honest... we don't quite have the number of viewers that ABC news has with their show "

Sneak Peek! Wagoner lifts cover on Pontiac G8

As we reported earlier today, Charles Gibson is in Detroit this week doing World News Tonight from Motown. Avid Autoblog reader Arthur just tipped u

Exxon Mobil chief's global energy outlook

There's a news brief on ABC News Online's website showing some views of Exxon Mobil Australian CEO Mark Nolan regarding his global energy outlook.

Australia may use grape, olive and citrus waste to make biodiesel

Researchers in Queensland are looking into using waste from the grape, olive and citrus industries to produce biodiesel, Australia's ABC news reported this week. The CEO of the Burnett Inland Economic Development Organisation, Linda Silburn, said waste (and low-grade fruit) from these industries is regularly dumped but could be used to make biofuels.

Vanity Fair gets called out by ABC News

It’s a media drama. ABC News is calling out this month’s issue of Vanity Fair, which focuses on green efforts by celebrities and others. Vanity Fair is, of course, one of those glossy magazines that glamorizes all sorts of wasteful consumer products and accepts plenty of advertising from companies that sell those products each month.